Q. Where can I buy one? A. There is a list of stockists on the website.

Q. Which size do I need? A. Please look at the sizing guide and the fitting. If in doubt, buy two to compare. Occasionally you may need a shorter strap with a bigger muzzle for chunky ponies.

Q. It looks huge, is this right? A. Yes! The height of the muzzle should prevent the horse or pony getting it under their chin and your friend will appreciate the extra room.

Q. My pony can get the head strap over its ears. A. Try putting a plait in the mane and threading the head strap though.

Q. My horse rubs easily, what can I do? A. There are Nuumed wool covers available to fit the head strap and cheeks. If the muzzle is loose enough it should not rub, however some ponies and horses chins are fleshier and softer than others and rubbing is unavoidable so some people like to line the inside with material or wool. Ultimate Muzzle Chin Pads are now available. Please ask your retailer.

Q. The head strap is too long. A. You can punch more holes in the leather strap. Spare straps are available and you might want a short strap instead of a long strap.

Q. I have a query or problem. A. Please contact the retailer you purchased the product from.